Ripple 4: Devotion and Gratitude

White Tara at Spirit FireI love this Lady!

White Tara has graced my life since the year 2000 when She poured through me at the New Moon of Taurus that year. All the inner planets were in Taurus (7 in total) and about 20 of us were in meditation retreat together for it. That grace was palpable to others in the room and left me “emptied” for days. Her sweet understanding flooded into my awareness and has remained part of my awareness every moment.

Lately, a smile of gratitude more giggly that usual is with me. Every day, gratitude sings from my heart. I live a precious life with the freedom to give constantly in the ways that flow from within me. All my responsibilities are joys and engaged with the same. I understand karma and dharma, heart-sensitivity, and living what we have created over lifetimes and because of that, gratitude erupts many times a day. In fact, few moments are not its song. I thank the Lady and the Master that I serve, and my Lakota Grandfather of hundreds of years ago for all that they gave me as well as all that they patiently taught me. But I guess that’s the ticket into the Hall of Gratitude: understanding that giving is a teaching, and teaching is a giving, and receiving makes it all happen.

Ripples. I write this post with the hope that you, too, might feel gratitude for all those who have devoted their care to you in the ways that they did over lifetimes. And that maybe you will honor all the ways that they have shown you Life and how to know it better, thus giving you a knowing of yourself and your role in Wholeness. May we all take refuge. May we all feel our Relatedness.

graphic: White Tara thangka on the wall of Spirit Fire’s meditation room. She was purchased at the 2004 Kalachakra in Toronto and blessed by that event. This thangka is Nepalese.

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