Wesak is coming: 8

A meditation sets the stage for the next post and for our inner alignment to Buddha nature through Christ consciousness. At essence all holy days and heightened vibrational cycles are celebrating emptiness and its power. With Wesak and the Taurus full moon we bow to experience. Experience creates the ground, the very earth of our awareness. Experience anchors a knowing possible only in the way that experience can, making it fixed in our awareness and establishing certain frames of reference, contexts of understanding, and habitual modes of responding. Yet experience is empty expressed through its uncertainty. According to our mood or the pressure system outside, the very same action by a person, or pet, or pot on the stove will evoke a unique response from us. Experience is empty.

imagesAnd Taurus represents this with its glyph: an empty circle topped by an empty bowl. Both are full or can be at any moment, but full or empty, the appearance and context of fullness is temporary. Thus in fact, Taurus, experience, and relation is empty, profoundly, magically, powerfully empty.

And compassion is too. Compassion has no agenda other than compassion. Unto itself, it only exists in response, always perfect, always unique. Christ consciousness is this emptiness of compassion. Christ consciousness and Buddha nature are the celebration at Wesak. Ultimately, then, we are celebrating human nature, that which they lived as examples, and the undiscovered emptiness within each of us.

Webcast: Christ consciousness and the emptiness of compassion

Podcast: Christ consciousness and the emptiness of compassion

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