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The sky is the sky. Awareness is awareness.

Interlude is the space between, between in-breath and out-breath, between out-breath and in, it is the space between thoughts. Interlude is the space – the empty non-action – before action is engaged. Often action is engaged robotically, habitually. Just as … Continue reading

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The Human Energy System and Vibrational Excellence

Four sessions exploring one of the most important facets of a human being and of being human: the Human Energy System. My orientation with this course is to expand upon three factors of the Energy System: the radiant and the … Continue reading

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Right Order in Identity

In recalling that we, ourselves, are a quantum wave of sublime potencies, we place right order in our identity. To emphaisze the particularity (particle) of oneself is to argue for one’s limitations. The chaos that one experiences in life and … Continue reading

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Light of the Soul, Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras: book 4 sutras 18-27

We’re in the final two week’s of discussion of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. I think we all have enjoyed this deep excursion into the rishi, Patanjali’s, comprehensive teaching on life, the spiritual path, meditation, and Reality. The Eight Means to, or … Continue reading

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Chakras: did you know?

Did you know that ajna, your brow chakra, is related to perception and, therefore, to all forms of perception? Did you know that your solar plexus chakra is indicated in how sweet you are, if you crave sweets, or if … Continue reading

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