Meditation: everything is relationship

Everything is relationship and is the by-product of relationships. Can you think of an example that is not?

The term relationship is being used meaning all the causes, factors, conditions (supportive and less so) that bring forward everything from a cloud in the sky and the precipitation that falls from it, to a child, puppy, or insect larvae, to an emotion or a thought or pattern of behavior in our life, to our inclinations and interests, aspirations and that which each of us puts energy, effort, and devotion toward.  Our spiritual Path is a relationship between ourself and those who share similar ideas and dedication, with the theistic or non-theistic components of our Path, and with our ongoing processes of personal and spiritual transformation fostered by one’s Path.

A river is the relationships of streams and creeks, dams and flow, of the animals and plants that grow along its banks, flood plains and delta, as well as the people and industry that use, delight, and pollute the river, streams, and creeks. All beings in relationship with that river, then, live out the results of all these relationships.

A decision to take a trip sets all manner of relationships into motion, often one’s not considered or that spontaneously arose. Therefore, we practice meditation. It, too, is a relationship of many layers and potential results for self and all beings. It, too, sets energy, causes, and conditions in motion. May it be that all the benefit and well-being from the inside out transpires!


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