Meditation: cosmic proportions

The essence of all in cosmos is “pure and total consciousness.” This can be directly ‘known’ through a variety of methods, but significant to most of them is the use of the senses and sensation. That’s what provides the directness of an experience, thus possible direct and clearer perception of the holographic mandala that your experience is reporting, thus possible insight, revelation, or realization.

Working with one’s senses is revelatory in itself due to habits of consciousness being fairly robotic. We sit down, for example, without fully participating in the action, the textures, the movement of energy, the sensations of solidity or security once seated, as well as don’t notice the feeling of ‘okay, get to it,’ of what we so quickly start doing once we have sat (open the computer, watch something on a screen of some sort, talk on the phone, write, read, eat, have conversation, or so forth). Therefore, getting more familiar with one’s senses, the varying density and subtlety of sensations, together with simply being more present provide the myriad benefits of all of the above but also can then be used to explore and discover Awareness as the primordial ground that gave birth to all these mechanisms in the first place.

This approach to Awareness-Compassion is used in all tantric traditions, in martial art training, in the Path of the Indigenous People of the world, and wherever the focus has a feminine quality.


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