Meditation: Awareness is

You are Awareness. Due to that you can love others, care for them, create newness on the spot therefore be inventive and spontaneous. Emotions arising are actually Awareness acting out in the way that commonly gets the personality’s attention; but it will be Awareness that is happening. And if we notice the usually not noticed for the fullness in the moment, then phrases like, “I’m happy,” “I’m upset,” “I’m concerned,” “I’m angry,” “I’m hungry,” and so forth will become silly due to recognizing the layers of feeling, perceptions, mental processes, and consciousness that the sense of self has superficially named but not dropped into and truly experienced.

Friends, please hold the world leaders in Glasgow, Scotland in your mind and heart this week. Pray that they see things as they are and determine bold, innovative, and courageous ways to factually address dire and imminent collapse of collective life on Earth.

The photo below is of the healer (man) who brought my body back from the abyss of the American medical model’s treatment of MS 15 years ago, his wife, and me.

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