Meditation: fundamental condition 1

We further the discovery of “essence,” “pure and total consciousness” which are words and meanings trying to convey your nature which is Awareness. “Mind” is another word that can point toward this ever-present, unconditioned nature of Awareness-Being. It is essential, however, to remember that these are words, sign posts that might help with orientation but are not the unwordable in-this-moment truth of Being that you are and that all phenomenal existence is. The unwordable, though present every nanosecond, must be experienced.

The experience can be simple and straight forward like overwhelming emotion when innocence is abused, slaughtered, or defiled. In such a case, pure consciousness within one’s self has been elicited by the innocence of an animal or child or purity of intention. Innate purity has encountered expressing purity. We are overwhelmed with sadness or powerlessness, etc. because the moment of defilement is recognized as totally unnecessary, therefore out of kilter with natural purity and innocence.

Awe is straight forward; the feeling of something as wondrous is also. Moments of love can be direct. Such tend to be freed from the relationship at hand. For instance, my first-born was two or three days old and had fallen asleep at breast. Everything about the experience was raw, precious, new and uncontrived. I gingerly put Alicia in her little crib by the window, pulled the chair close and leaned on the edge of the crib to watch her breathe. Within seconds a timelessness opened, newborn baby Alicia’s distinction faded. She was all babies, I was all mothers, and the eternal bond between mother and child, protector and nurturer and innocent vulnerable presence dissolved any feelings that were not true to this Truth.

“See that the mind is the fundamental condition.”

podcast of meditation: fundamental condition 1

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