Meditation: heart essence 4

Growing in confidence with something takes time and repetition. An infant gains confidence in learning how to walk by repeating tentative first steps near furniture or with  loving hands nearby. A child establishes trust in holding one’s breath, not sinking, and not drowning as he or she learns to swim through going into the water again and again with instruction. We learned our ABC’s and multiplication tables through repetition, over and over again. The same principle is necessary with meditation training and all facets of the Path. Consistency brings confidence.

The intention behind this cycle of heart essence meditations is two-fold: benefit to one’s self through repeated recognition of and experience that heart essence already is present and functioning. The ego does not make it happen. In fact, the ego tends to obstruct the simple purity and pervasive expression of heart essence. The second is benefit to others through resonance. If heart essence is already in you, already functioning through you, then the same is so for everyone else. Radiating resonance pouring out from you and the group with little to no obscuration will and does elicit like response from others all around the world which will demonstrate in their life, mind, thoughts, words, or action in that moment with the perfect radiance of heart essence. Let us trust in this and support its increase.

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