Wesak is coming: 4

Wesak is celebrated in the sign of the Bull. Why this sign and why has the Bull-Cow been so significant through human culture and traditions? Its image seems second only to the Serpent-Dragon in its various forms through history and mythic teachings.

The Bull-Cow is associated with the Mysteries repeatedly.

  • the Egyptian mysteries from its most ancient art forms and throughout its hieratic teachings
  • the Hindu mysteries (Verses of the Rigveda refer to the cow as Devi-goddess, identified with Aditi-mother of the gods herself.)
  • the Mythraic mysteries
  • certain African tribes and their initiatic rituals
  • the Buffalo in North American Indian teachings
  • the Ox in Chinese traditions
  • the minotaur in Greek mysteries.
  • Please let me know of ones that I have left out.

Circumstantially, one might wonder about precessional ages as the reason why the Bull-Cow mysteries have held significance to humanity. If that were so, then any precessional age that humanity has experienced should also deliver a set of mysteries and a robust and lasting symbolic form. Yet, although there are symbols of the Piscean age and of Aries they do not offer the richness of the as yet unrevealed mysteries or extant teachings of the Bull-Cow or Serpent-Dragon. Is Serpent-Dragon related to Scorpio, the polar opposite sign of Taurus? If so, then why do these two signs, their symbols, and their teachings find such prominence in human spiritual traditions and practices? Many questions.

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4 Responses to Wesak is coming: 4

  1. Martín says:

    Well, perhaps Scorpio is the Sun sign of humanity…

  2. Maybe it has to do with the second (Taurus) and eighth (Scorpio) house axis. Second is material gains; eighth is loss, but also transformation, transcending the material realm, mysteries, occult, spiritual depth… Cows/oxen are of the earth (material/physical realm), and snakes/dragons symbolize wisdom, kundalini, spiritual growth (skin shedding) and transformation…

    • No doubt. And this is a good synopsis of qualities of both signs. Snake/Serpent is of the earth too, although Scorpio is a water sign – as we know. Here again, the waters are desire. Ultimately, as you mention, transformation is the key to Scorpio – hence water again – the transformation of personal desire into dedication and commitment to that which frees all from the suffering.

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