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“Taurus is the symbol of desire in all its phases. … Will, power, desire, aspiration, ambition, motive, purpose, impulse, incentive, plan – all these are words which attempt to express one of the major underlying attributes and fundamental causes of manifestation, of the evolutionary processes, and of the will-to-be or the will-to-live.” (Esoteric Astrology pg. 370-1)

kosmic_planesI believe the reason why desire is the underlying cause of all manifestation, evolutionary processes, and the will-to-be-or live is because the Cosmic Physical Plane is the birth child of the Cosmic Astral Plane. Therefore, the source of the intentions for all manifestation of any kind on any level of purity and vibration is Cosmic Desire-Cosmic Astrality.

The word astral is given more of its fullness when we translate astral as sentient. As such all sentiency and responsiveness is birthed from the Cosmic Plane of Response (Astral). We and all existence within the Cosmic Physical Plane live response, reaction, relation, and the inevitable inter-connectedness of existence on any scale (even molecular) because the entire Cosmic Physical Plane has a source. Its substance is born of that source. That source is Cosmic Desire, Cosmic Responsiveness, Cosmic Sentiency–all names for the Cosmic Astral Plane.

Then the entirety of the Cosmic Physical Plane is earth, densification born of the Unknowable of the Cosmic Astral Plane. The Cosmic Physical is form to the Cosmic Astral’s emptiness. And the Cosmic Physical Plane is the mode of expression, the incarnation of the Cosmic Be-ness that is Cosmic Astrality.

Taurus is that earth, or better said, this cosmic interpretation is the high level of meaning of “earth” for this earth sign. It is fixed as in the Cosmic Physical Plane is densification, presentation, and condensation of Ineffable Desire. We not only have to stretch any concepts and experiences labeled as desire, we have to delete them. We cannot know the womb that birthed will, relation, sentiency, senses, and sensuous response. We cannot know the filament string vibrating through cosmos that begets all union, all at-one-ing, and chemical bond. Gravity is desire as certainly as is addiction or compassion. Gravity is part of Taurus, earth, fixity, and the Cosmic Physical Plane on this level of interpretation. Gravity is the Bull and perception these relations is the gift of the Eye of the Bull. To understand that aspiration, dedication, desire, and compassion are the same when held in the gaze of luminous emptiness, this is high Venus.

601976_474200525967716_739976346_nVenus, then, is not just Sophia-Wisdom of the wisdom-compassion One, but Venus is the veiled progenitor, the literal Queen of Heaven. She stands in for all ancient Queens of Heaven and Heaven now is elevated to the uppermost non-dual non-formed vibrational states of Cosmic Physical possibility. Venus, now is a symbol, a Word, an intuition of that which is beyond the beyond. Gate, gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha.

Vulcan, just as the myth says, becomes her consort. Vulcan would represent the highest possibilities of form: the emptiness of form. Vulcan symbolizes the forever ready malleability of the Cosmic Physical Plane, and that something will stay that something until it is released from the perceptions that say what it is. Venus releases, now as the Eye of the Bull, as the non-conceptualization of realized Wisdom. Her revelation is the dance of rigpa: naked awareness. Vulcan-form’s potent hold expires in Venus-Wisdom’s embrace just as the converse is so for us in manifestation. We are form-bound, held in the embracing power of Vulcan-form is non-divisive from Venus-allure embrace. They are one as all consorts are.

CosmicBuddhaTaurus reveals. It is a sign of illumination and liberation, hence the sign of the Buddha. More important, it is the sign pointing to Buddha nature as all that there is. The Cosmic Physical Plane from the most sublime non-dual profound vibrations of empty causality to the densest fixations and fetishes lived by any being are Taurus the source-seed-child of Cosmic Desire. Our contemplation, then, is desire. Such was the contemplation of the Buddha.

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