Meditation: pure and total consciousness 3

The meditations this week have been scantily guided. If your “essence is pure and total consciousness”, then whatever experience you are having is born of your essence. Human beings tend to identify with whatever fleeting characterization is arising in a moment, therefore not with “essence” nor with “pure and total consciousness.” Yet, the recognition of this dualistic conundrum can be a discovery, an open-eneded invitation, a softening and opening to innate pure Presence. Is “it” this simple? Yup.

The key here is consistency. We are pretty consistent in seeking gratification, or entertainment, distraction, or drama. We’re pretty good at finding the one thing that, to our senses, is slightly out of place. Okay; I resemble that! But with that understanding, one can laugh at how silly we can be about anything including our self and already present Presence.

What “pure and total consciousness” is, no one should try to tell you. Your discovery in any moment of your “essence” is what matters. Words veil, confuse, become projections and conjure expectations. Let them go. Simply abide in the openness of present moment. There alone one will meet “essence, pure and total consciousness.”(Oh, and let go of your definition of the word “total”, too.)

meditation podcast: pure and total consciousness 3

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