Meditation: bodhi in union with chitta

Over the last few months, we have experienced and meditated with the five senses of hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell. We found a lot more to each than is commonly recognized. Doing so, the idea of awareness and the experience of Awareness expanded and became more tangible, more present in our daily activities. We found that awareness is. It is constant, ordinary, and that awareness is Awareness – participating in ranges of experience present each moment but usually not noticed.

The mind has often been called ‘the sixth sense.’ Last week we began an exploration of mind using the quotation, “Luminous is the mind, brightly shining.” Today we explored a range of mind using the idea of soft operations of the mind and concretized ones. This was done in conjunction with the Sanskrit term bodhichitta. We will stay with this exploration of mind/Mind for a while. There is much to notice and become familiar with through meditation and reflection.

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