Meditation: discover the vastness of mind-Awareness-Compassion

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Emerging from a year and a half of change is significant. The opportunity to embody newness, or fresh ways of doing and being, or to lay aside that which no longer serves one are forms of change that several people I know are doing. In most cases, it is all three that are forefront for them. It is for me, as well.

Exploring a fuller range of mind includes the meditations and contemplations that we did on and with the five senses. Exploring the mind includes the work we have done with being Present, Here, and Awakened. Remember “Awareness takes Its seat”? That was a rich cycle of meditations done two or three years ago. Those meditations would be included in the exploration of mind also.

We are a collection of parts: memories, beliefs, imagination, projections, emotions, sensations, inspirations, and Awareness-Compassion. There is so much to explore because all of these derive from awareness-mind.

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