Meditation: riches; the senses and Awareness 4

Has it become obvious how our senses are a primary instrument of and expression of Awareness? We have only focused on touch thus far but that has proven to include far more than the experience of one’s butt on a cushion or the breeze against one’s cheek.

Thoughts are felt, which is how one knows one is thinking. Contemplation is tactilely distinct from rumination, which feels other than a thought of anger which feels different than one of love or gratitude.

Emotions have texture, temperature, vibrational and decibel levels all of which are felt. The emotion of frustration feels limiting, boxed in, and the associated circumstance is not in one’s control. A good cup of chai is felt as delightful; fleeting but delightful.

There is so much to experience in every second of one’s day which is why human beings easily feel overwhelmed. But this is a chicken and egg situation. By keeping life controllable and within a certain range of sensation, the riches and fullness of life and one’s self are disallowed. That amazing range of Being and experience cannot be experienced without question or stress or preferring not. However, the more one familiarizes with the rich tapestry of what the senses can provide, one softens and opens to that fullness, which leads directly to fullness of Being and intuitive awareness.

Saturday, April 3 is a Day of Meditation for the World, so we’ll stay with the sense of touch through Thursday.

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