Meditation: senses and Awareness 3

Any of the five outer senses can lead one to deeper experiences of Awareness. This is a feature of continuity. What seems physical and what seems less physical (like Awareness or compassion or gratitude) are a continuum of awareness-experience. Our existence is actually one of nonduality, of tantra; but unless that’s been pointed out, the nondual nature of our moment to moment experience of life goes on in a seeming dualistic manner.

This is important to understand. The truth of Being is simple. The range of experience tells us how simple Being and Awareness both are. Our direct experience also reports that Being and Awareness and experience are not separate; they are one continuity, one whole. Our daily experience of life is tantra (which means continuity or woven) but this usually goes unrecognized. Being unrecognized for the continuity of Awareness-Being-experience that each moment is, the moment and everything/everyone in it is perceived individually, separately, and distinct from one’s self. But, as one uses any true meditation technique, and does so with complete openness and softness of mind without expectation, then one will experience the continuity and continuum of Awareness-Being experiencing the fullness of experience.

With the current meditations, the sense of touch is being highlighted.

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