Meditation: senses and awareness 2

Human beings have five primary senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. Everyone also has the sense of intuition, though like the other senses most of the ongoing intuitive information experienced is marginalized, dismissed, or denied. This is no different than how the other five senses are lived. For example, right now you are reading these words on a screen. While doing so, the personal mind dismisses the plethora of other visual stimuli and information that is within your visual experience. When you lift your eyes from the screen, the screen’s visual significance is marginalized and attention is momentarily put on other visual data. Commonly a list of six senses is named for a human being. I have used intuition instead of the commonly used “mind” because mind is a comprehensive something inclusive of and yet more than all of the six combined.

Each of the six senses is constantly active, ceaselessly interacting with inner and outer stimuli and data. Yet, from birth, we are trained to pay attention to the most blatant, loud, or bright. Modernly, children’s toys are bright, for example. Children are taught that a lion roars and dogs bark before being taught that water gurgles and flows, wind whispers, or leaves rustle. People are also usually taught from childhood to dismiss their inner sensations such perceiving auric fields, telepathy (which is active in all babies – it’s how they learn language), memories of their past life or lives, and resonance thus happiness or dissonance thus fear.

Nonetheless, every human being is multi-leveled aware because Awareness is our very nature. Meditation training can bring some of this innate and active range of Awareness forward, true, but that is not why the senses are our current focus in the online sittings. Rather, the intention here is to support what is. You are Awareness. You are currently experiencing a vast array of inner, outer, and unregistered sensations and, therefore, how they report a vast and layered reality. My aspiration is that we all come to notice more of the usually not noticed. Why? Because that is living awareness which serves you and serves all beings.

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