January Day of Meditation coming up

Saturday, January 2, is the first Day of Meditation for the World and Humanity in 2021. Let’s set the tone of a new year together and envision Humanity doing the same.

Setting a tone of energy for the year is different from stating a New Year’s resolution. Often a resolution is personal, optimistic, and all-too-easily abandoned. Setting a tone energetically comes from the confidence that inner support for outer active life is already present and fully accessible to one. It acknowledges and is an acknowledgement of the fact that, by nature, each of us is wisdom-compassion incarnate. In other words, setting a tone of energy works from the premise of inherent goodness and wholeness rather than one of imperfection and wanting to fix.

And since this is a Day of Meditation for the World and Humanity, whatever energy tone you set for your year of wisdom and compassion will simultaneously be set in motion for all our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. Let us work from the premise that YES this is a new Age, a new year, a newness that need not keep repeating and reifying the old causes of misery in ourselves or in others and the world. YES!

The link to join for part or the whole Day of Meditation is the usual one. The schedule is the same also. Everyone is welcome. Pass it on!

Saturday, January 2, 2021 from 8 am MT to 3 pm MT. Please enter the meditation with the schedule so I can “admit” you (Zoom protocol). Thank you.


  • 8 am MT: Set the focus, meditate.
  • 9 am MT: A visual presentation on equanimity
  • 10 am MT: Directed outside contemplation/meditation
  • 11:00: Meditation
Noon: Lunch for 1 hour.
  • 1 pm MT: discussion, Q&A
  • 1:30 MT: Meditation
  • 2 pm MT: short presentation
  • 2:20 MT: closing meditation


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