Meditation: vibration OM AH HUM OM

All is vibration and space. Vibration takes shape, space remains space.

The manifestations of vibration are limitless. Common ones are variations in color, sound and tone, emotions and thoughts. When speaking of color or sound, science references wavelength; when identifying emotions or thought patterns, a therapist will identify them as expansive (like gratitude and joy) or contracted (like worry or anger). Nonetheless, it is the vibration of the thing that is being categorized.

Space is unchanging and the same everywhere. The space in your room, inside the cells of your body, and the space between thoughts and cravings is the same space that holds the universe. Space is space. That which is in the room also has air in it so one can breathe whereas outer space or that between thoughts has no air.

One of the reasons to engage a meditation technique that includes mantra or sounding is due to the fact that all experience and perception is due to vibration.

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