A Living Awareness Thanksgiving

Five recollections for a living awareness day any day. How about today?

  1. Everything you do, offer it to all beings and their wellness, happiness, and awakening. Walking? Pray that all beings can make their way to clarity and peace of mind, to wellness and open heartedness. Eating? Call to mind all the beings on your plate (plant and animal, or sourced from the same like butter). Thank all the lives that will nourish your body, mind, emotions, senses, and that have given completely of themselves for you. With gratitude and humility, call to mind all the people involved in every aspect of the process of the food being available to you. Then call to mind that there are uncountable beings who, in this moment, are in need of nutrition, nourishment, support of their well-being in myriad ways. Food is only one form of nourishment. Hugs, conversation, having shelter or safety, living in sight of or within Nature, having clean and ample habitat, and so forth are nourishment to beings. So, as you are nourished by the food on your plate or the beverage in your cup, call forth all beings and pray that all beings be nourished.
  2. Listen with an open heart and mind. Hear the complexity of causes and conditions that are expressing. Be present.
  3. Contemplate. (anything, everything)
  4. Sit and be simple for at least 10 minutes every day. Gazing into the sky or simply sitting and being are two options.
  5. Meditate. Do at least one sitting meditation daily. Why? Because it is the greatest gift to yourself that you or anyone can give you. Meditate. Do one walking meditation daily. That could be walking from your chair to the kitchen or bathroom with full awareness and non-distraction.

Have a great day; create it as you go!

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