Meditation: white OM

We will build this technique piece by piece because each is rich in its own right.

Combining shamatha and vipashyana is often initially done through adding a contemplative component to the stabilizing or abiding aspects of shamatha practice. Another way of viewing this is that the object of meditation is one of contemplation or that awakens the mind.

The nature of contemplation is that it is open. In other words, contemplation is shamatha-like. That open-ended quality has a bright or lucid character which is how contemplation provides insight or newness on something. Ah, sounds like vipashyana. All components together train one in spacious, equanimity that is open-minded and free of preconceptions while buddhi-mind, awareness-mind drops nectar-like understanding into the uncontrived mind.

We begin with initial meanings of white OM at the crown and repeated at the base.

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