Meditation: OM AH HUM 2

Three words or sounds are being used in the current meditation cycle. OM AH HUM are ancient and universal. OM (aum also) predates all known history. I would suggest that it came into expression during the Lemurian root race of human beings. That would be millions of years ago, before any known language or spiritual system.

AH is a sound that we make frequently. It is suggested at the end of today’s meditation to notice when one mutters or sighs or sounds AH and what is going on inside the mind-emotions that produced that particular sound response.

HUM might seem a bit less familiar in our utterances. But if hmmm is considered as its common sounding, then –like AH– we saying it often.

This week we began setting a foundation for a simple but comprehensive technique that combines a few different instructions that I have received over time and have integrated into one.

Next week, we will begin to elaborate. Keep in mind that a modern more is better mindset, is a false premise in meditation. So, although the simplicity of this week will be added to, the focus will never become complex.

Remember, too, that a practitioner is to release all expectations and desires for outcome in every step of the meditation path.


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