Meditation: abiding in radiance

Apologies, firstly, for not posting the online meditations in a timely manner this week on top of my internet issues last week. This week, WordPress changed how to create a blog post. I needed time to learn how to navigate the changes.

Friendly reminder that a three-day meditation retreat is Thurs-Saturday, Oct. 8-10: 8 am MT-3 pm MT. The daily schedule will be posted here on the blog soon.


The emotions that one experiences are shared with all other people. This is due to the congruency of energy. Happiness goes into the world, doubt, anger, greed go into the world, just as gratitude does.

The wise are mindful and thoughtful of themselves, not out of fear or inhibition but in respect and the desire to assist the world’s well-being.

Our meditation is simple. We abide in radiance.

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