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Humanity is one. We are also the youngest species on Earth. We are learning, and there is much to learn.

Human beings are constantly curious, and childlike in our understanding of cause/conditions/result. This flawless relation makes sense when planting a seed or putting gas in the car, or envisioning what to prepare for a meal. Yet, how this becomes that and also will generate conditions are not fully considered most of the time. Think about plastic bags. Great idea thirty years ago. Now they are the scourge of the planet. Why? Because immediate gain or benefit was focused upon but not the long-term ramifications of plastic bags being used in a ubiquitous manner.

One could name many other common items used, ingested, or modernly relied upon that are not really beneficial to well-being of self, or children, or environment. These considerations are before us, each person in his or her life, his or her preferences and desires, but these were not the focus of the meditation. Nonetheless, please review your life practices and which ones are the causes of lasting benefit to you and to others and which ones are producing difficulty or disease to you, others, or the world.

Coronavirus has offered humanity an almost full-stop. In meditation, that is a revelatory moment. It is the experience of clear spacious awareness. Spacious indicates not only open and expansive but a whole. The experience, then, is of unity, unified, harmony, simplicity, integral wholeness. Humanity is experiencing many emotions and sensations simultaneously right now. We are being given a profound opportunity. (Thank you Covid-19.)

We meditate with in this meditation.

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