Meditation: the vast and the small

The last meditation post highlighted beauty as one expression of nondual wisdom. Let’s notice something else about unitive wisdom: it will include the vast or the profound within the common. This image of a great blue whale is a good example.

If only the whale were in focus, it might be beautiful in its own right, but the sense of scale of this amazing creature could not be gained. Nor could it if the whale where shown in the openness of the ocean. That is so in photographs of breaching humpbacks too. The majesty of the breach, the colors, the splash are provided but we have little awareness from the photo of how huge these beings are because you need something small in the photo to show the relative scale. But, in this photo of the great blue whale, the small is provided by the boat with a couple of people in it. The boat is diminutive as it floats above the blue whale; but the people are tiny. That is not enough, however, to convey the nondual of this situation. This gigantic creature floats in the truly vast ocean. The whale is dwarfed by the ocean’s scale. All of it, the vast and the small is in union in this captured moment.

The vast and small are present all the time. Consider the space in your room or outside your door. It is mysterious and offers a largess that nothing else does. At the same time, everything in existence abides within this character-less spaciousness. In fact, if it has a characteristic, it is that it is spacious. The space in your room was not decreased by the furniture you put in it. Yes, your movement might have been curtailed or routed particularly by the furniture, but the space remained unaffected. To ponder that leads to nondual wisdom.

I think this is one of significant shifts that humanity is on the verge of.

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