Meditation: beauty expresses nondual wisdom

The terms dual or duality sound like they refer to two as in either/or, up/down, you/me, abundance/lack and so forth. Yes, kind of. If we think about it, duality insists upon emphasizing a singular feature or characteristic hence creates the scenario of either/or, up/down, you/me, etc. One thing has been identified but also has been removed from the whole of which it is a part. For example, to feel a lack is actually to want the one thing that is not currently in abundance while, in fact, a plethora of other factors, features, or things are abundantly available. Nondual wisdom recognizes the richness that is currently present.

Beauty is an example of this. It is not one item or feature or factor of something that makes it beautiful, appealing, or pleasant to the beholder but, rather, it is their combination. The shape, colors, texture, and more all combine to express a wholeness. It is the union of parts (features) and whole (composition) that appeals to us. The items’ nonduality is expressing beauty to the onlooker. Similarly, when something is pleasant or joyful or fun, it will not be one factor that is eliciting the experience of pleasure or joy or delight from you or me; it is the totality.

Dislike and aversion arise when one feature or characteristic is being highlighted (as present or not). A cookie without sugar, for instance, might be disliked and avoided but the one with sugar gobbled up. A person looking a particular way might be avoided, a person looking otherwise cozied up to. Aversion all too easily grows into bias which becomes prejudice which becomes policy and habit. With dislike, duality has taken over. A singular something has been emphasized rather than the whole of which it is a part or the whole that is you or me making this arbitrary, and incorrect, determination.

Walk through the day today and notice that nondual wisdom is this present in you. Your experiences of beauty, appreciation, gladness, creativity, and collaboration are expressions of nondual wisdom.

beauty expresses nondual wisdom


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