Meditation: arbitrary, dissolve

With nondual or non-two wisdom, the idea of this being only this is recognized as  inadequate due to being incomplete. Left being only left, low being only low, green being only green are designations conjured from a perspective. Change the vantage point and the designation changes. For example, your right eye shows on the left side of your mirror image.

Nondual wisdom also recognizes the play of arbitrariness and identification in perception. For example, when someone asks where you live, do you respond, “everywhere”. ? The multi-dimensional beingness that you are is non-local, bi-local, and multi-local simultaneously. Where do you live when you sleep? And, who is this you being asked about anyway?

Dissolve such ideas as singularity, identify-ability, and the need to call this this or that that. Play with open-mindedness.

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