Meditation: letting go, letting in

Vipashyana/vipassana is vital to a human being. Without it, all one has is stories and advertisements, preferences and fears, and one’s life lived like a video game. Through “looking correctly,” one begins to perceive through stories and projections, disregard the ongoing temptations of self-gratification (that bring no deep happiness), and be freer in mind, more stable in emotions, more creative in situations, and released from self-doubt and self-importance.

Vipashyana is the wish-fulfilling gem, it is the antidote that cures all inner disease. Vipashyana is the boat that carries one from delusion to clarity across the ocean of causes and conditions; it is the ease of release fostered through allowing what IS to be freed from patterned consciousness.

The first 10 minutes of this session is explanation and examples. The rest of the week will have less words. They won’t be necessary due to the explanations of today. I hope you will listen and then sit in meditation with us and the world.

Shamatha is the beginning. Like any birth or sprouting, it is a monumental occurrence. It is the necessary commencement for everything that might ensue from it. Vipashyana is possible because direct perception is born from the womb of tranquility and equanimity that shamatha has fostered.

Let go, and let in expanded, raw, naked perception. Let the filters fall away from your perception and let reality be revealed – as it is.

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