Meditation: for humanity

When difficulty arises, we attend to what is necessary and wisely so. But, in the scurry of emergency or of fear, prayer and meditation often get sidelined. This meditation and all this week, our meditative focus is humanity, the one family of brothers and sisters that we all belong to.

As the preventative measure of social distancing takes hold of one’s would-be social routines, please spend some of that time in prayer and/or meditation for humanity. Don’t get sucked into Netflix binges or video games for hours or Facebook feeds. These waste one’s mind, time, and depress one’s immune system. Pray for others, pray for humanity and the world; meditate on compassion, light and illumination with the motivation of the oneness of Life and the understanding of shared consciousness. Radiate the goodness in your heart. Doing so fosters kindness, calm and empathy in others while also energetically supporting immune systems.

Join us on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 am ET to meditate live with the group or use the link to the podcast from each post another time of the day. Hold humanity in the light as often as you can remember to do so through each day. When concern arises in you, pray for everyone in the world who in that moment is also concerned.

Your light, heart, wisdom, empathy, and compassion are powerful remedies at all times and, certainly, now.

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    thank you. thank you.

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