Meditation: innate, simple, universal

The quieter one gets mentally and emotionally, the simpler one becomes. This simpleness is, however, more wise and empathetic than the louder types of mental or emotional expression.

The more settled one gets, the more pervasive one’s energies become. These energies of peace, well-being, harmony and serenity are released effortlessly into the world. The distracted mind and mind that labels this as good and that as not has been quelled which allows non-distinct goodness to emanate.

Awareness is not thinking nor the thoughts in one’s mind but is the womb of all manner of cognizing and knowing. Awareness also is compassion – a universal embrace and at-one-ment with … . These are not two separate attributes but one which has no word. We experience this non-two, non-dual fully aware embracing uni-wholeness through the quietude and settled pervasive non-ness of established meditation. Then, this no-word pervasive energy perfumes the world.

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8 Responses to Meditation: innate, simple, universal

  1. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

    • Thank you for passing this meditation along and for meditating.

      • Eliza Ayres says:

        I don’t meditate, Donna. Life is a meditation. I AM always aware of my Higher Self and mentors.

        • Yes, me, too. The joy of words like meditation or Awareness or any other word is that they are merely that: words. The livingness of bird or sky or child or smile is what matters not the word used to point toward that livingness. What do you think? What do you experience moment by moment?

          • Eliza Ayres says:

            It is a complex thing… I am currently writing stories about my past lives straight from the Akash. Interesting process living in three worlds at once, as I am also a walk-in… otherwise, I keep my life simple.

            • Certainly, the mind “thinks” “it’s” a complex thing. Maybe like you, this current manifesting presence – called Donna – is ever aware of the three times. My past lives have been in this present with ease. The teachers and teachings always reinforcing the now from the gifts that they kindly gave and taught over lifetimes. It is a precious way to “live” – always aware of the kindness and generosity, sometimes sternness and detachment that those elder on the Path offer ceaselessly.

              I’ve been multi-perceptive since birth. Over the decades, that’s been adjusted so as to not go insane. But, I wouldn’t ask for anything else. Sensitivity, openness of perception, even physical challenges from discrepancy with the devas of the form and the energy and light of awareness are all fleeting, and – ultimately – non issues because – as you know – as one lives Awareness in whatever ways and capacity one can, its compassion, impartiality, and emptiness reign and rain into the world as effortlessly as the clouds release their nectar.

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