Meditation: back to buddhi

The Master DK informs us that the buddhic plane is like the womb from which human consciousness and human types of awareness derive. Due to this, experiences of awareness and consciousness have buddhic attributes or qualities. Recognize and abide in one and one establishes the other.

Human beings also have the habit of consciousness that vertical has value: up is refined, more pure, or more spacious and clear and down is denser, less spacious. Since that is a habit of consciousness, let’s use it in meditative training!

Buddhi is innate, just as awareness itself, just as kindness, empathy, and curiosity are. Exercising awareness sharpens awareness; living kindness and empathy increase kindness, empathy, and all that issue from this virtuous qualities. Similarly, using curiosity as a child does – to inquire, to figure out, to learn, to expand one’s parameters of knowing – accomplishes that intention. Buddhi is no different.

We go back in order to step forward. The focus will be buddhi again for a little while.

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