Meditation: inner and outer – one whole

The focus these days is on Mother Earth and rightly so. All activities that foster wellness of Earth, her systems, animals, forests and savannas fosters human life as well. Meditation helps us sort out priorities, truth from fiction inside our mind or from the media, and gives each meditator the felt-sense of empowerment. One experiences changes in oneself, thus knows that change of habits and transformation of life patterns is possible. It is so because it is happening in each meditator.

The inner landscape and inner realities are interwoven with the outer life, outer realities, and daily responsibilities. Meditation takes many forms, and only one of them is a sitting practice. Your mindfulness in the choices that each day presents is meditation. The  decisions made that align with life-enhancement, with the interconnectedness of all that exists, and with selflessness leading the way all assist Mother Earth.

Contribute to the future by being fully present in the now that is upon us, my friends. Yes, meditate, then yes, bring it fully off the cushion into the world.

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