Meditation: inseparable qualities

Slowly, slowly, we are exploring the universe within: the universality of Awareness. As with any other exploration, one has to take note of what one is experiencing. These recognitions ARE the very qualities of Awareness itself, just as the experience of humidity or of the sounds, or the particular smells, etc. of any new environment are of the nature of that environment.

The Buddha said, “All is mind.” What does that mean? How can that be so? Is it so? Lao Tsu said in the Tao te Ching, “The Tao is beyond words … but is the universe of all things.” Are Mind and Tao the same? How would you or I determine that? Can that be determined? Tilopa instructed Naropa, “Look into the mirror of the mind.” Mind/mirror? Awareness/Existence, awareness/experience. Hmmmm.

Only you can experience the nature of Presence as you experience it. And, that experience will have variations on its theme, differences given the situation or circumstance, barometric pressure of the day, and so forth; but, it will be your experience. If ten people were asked, “What is your experience of Presence?,”  there would be similarities in what they report though the words might vary. Why? Because of the ground, the underlying something that is inexpressible that each of those people is actually, in some measure and manner, experiencing. This is why we are going slowly.

Vipashyana asks, “What are you experiencing?” and, the surface of anything is not the answer. When we sit in tranquility, what are you and I experiencing? What is the taste, the feel, the display, the temperature of tranquility?

The more that someone recognizes the subtleties going on inside and under the surface of automated identifications and imputations, the more readied that person is  to let conceptualizations and identifications go. We cannot let go of that which is unrecognized, not owned – so to speak – by the mind/emotion complex. Noticing the usually not noticed is the gateway to “all awareness” which is why shamatha-vipashyana in union is the door to Prajnaparamita, Perfect Wisdom.

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