Meditation: essential non-duality

Many times over the years of these online meditations, non-dual and inseparable  qualities within have been highlighted, and done so through our experiences. Tranquility and one-pointedness, clarity and spaciousness, peace and dynamism are only a few of the pairs of qualities that if one is present, the other one is also.

Training in shamatha makes it possible to notice either or both of the qualities. Vipashyana is the actual noticing plus the letting go or non-attachment to what one has noticed. When combined, shamatha and vipashyana then foster a deepening into those characteristics which deepens one’s meditation.

But, shamatha and vipashyana training provides more. The peace and stability of shamatha are a display of the emptiness of phenomena. In other words, the detached, impartiality of shamatha and its altitude of consciousness are what they are (as phenomena themselves) because all phenomena are empty/neutral/and void of imputation. And, perceiving the subtlety within any experience (which is itself a phenomenon) is to perceive perception which undoes the unconscious and habituated factors of cognition-perception. Vipashyana renders cognition mute due to experiencing  no longer being automated, by-rote, or an assumption. Rather, perception and cognition are realized to be a unity; working with one adjusts the other. Working with both – through working with either – deconstructs self-accepted reality.

Now, what shamatha and vipashyana provide gels into a consistent living awareness of the non-two, non dualistic nature of Awareness and Existence/awareness and experience. They cannot be separated. To be aware of something is to experience it; to be experiencing something is to be cognizant in some manner about the experience, the experiencer, and the field of experience.

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