Meditation: buddhi 8: dark night sky

In one respect, the human creative imagination is a child of buddhi. In other ways, it is a by-product of the habits of consciousness. The mechanism of something out of nothing which the creative imagination manifests is, however, buddhic.

Buddhi is “the plane on which form dies” and “the plane from which form is born.” The shapes, colors, and images of the creative imagination are “born” spontaneously, in the moment. In that regard they are a display of the voidness and the potentiality of buddhi.

Visualizations are specific and elicit specific responses from our habits of consciousness, from the human endorphin producing system, and from innate pure being. This meditation uses the creative imagining of a dark blue-black night sky. Please type a comment as to what you experienced doing so.

dark night sky, buddhi 8, 072319

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