Meditation: (7) buddhi is always present

Name an experience.

Such-and-such could be your experience because the qualities of it already existed. Whether the qualities existed inside you or within the thing or person doesn’t matter. Somewhere, present so that it could be experienced, the qualities of your experience were experienced.

The taste of a strawberry, the cool smooth feeling of water across the body when swimming, the gentleness of a breeze, joy when seeing someone or seeing a flower or sunset. The attributes of strawberry are present within it; and the receptors for taste and texture are in our tongue. A flower delights in simply being. Its aura reports that. Human beings delight in seeing the color, shape, and movement of flowers.

We experience some of the attributes of buddhi through quality around us because buddhi is within us, also because human beings have receptors by which buddhic attributes are made apparent. Buddhi has not been defined or described when leading a meditation because everyone’s experience within the sitting is providing that which is more veritable than my words or a linear identification of buddhi. More important, our experiences are reporting to us that the range of refined and subtle that higher states, planes, or experiences often are regaled for are in us and in our experience right now should we chose to experience them as such.

When delight is a fleeting glimpse of a moment, then its abundance is only partially supported in our mind-emotions. But, abide within delight for a little longer, let go of the something that sparked the moment of delight, and delight opens or dissolves into something more: more expansive, less specific. The idea is not to hold onto or want the more but rather to understand that the fleeting glimpse is reporting that there is more. More all the time, more all around, more within. Simply more.

7. buddhi is here always 072019

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