Meditation: mirror

This image is a mirror. When we look at it, we are to remember that we are looking at our self, just like gazing into a mirror. Mirroring is one of the non-theistic features of Buddhist imagery. The teachings of the Buddha are based upon and seeking to instruct one toward that which is immanent, not primarily toward a celestial being. Mirroring is fairly distinct to the buddhadharma. For example, an image of Kali is honoring her as a cosmic force, as the power of uncompromising compassion, and as the Great Mother, among other things. But, an image of Kali does not represent you. This image of White Tara does; and the same would be so if the image were Vajrapani, Manjushri, Avolokitesvara, Mahakala, or any other buddha or dakini, peaceful or wrathful.

The unfolded lotus that she sits on is reporting that the qualities represented by everything symbolized in the thangka have opened and unfolded. They, like a flower, can fully display. What are the qualities? Click on the image and magnify it to see. Tranquil, harmonious, composed, regal, radiating are only a few. But, most important, is to remember that these qualities and attributes are within you, just as within me. In this way, the image is instruction also. Ah, being composed generates no drama, for example. Rather, being composed, peaceful, thoughtful generates harmony, right relations, ease of effort and ease with others, thus peace of mind.

Of course, our life is a mirror too. That is for each person’s contemplation.

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