Retrograde planets: the emperor’s clothes

As many people know, multiple planets are retrograde right now. Jupiter has recently gone direct and Mercury is now among the retrograding ones. The line-up in our solar system currently is:

  • Mercury retrograde at 23° Leo. It will retrograde until August 20 and will station at 11° Leo.
  • Mars is retrograde at 4° Aquarius. It will retrograde until September 1, stationing at 28 Capricorn in the latter minutes.
  • Jupiter went direct on July 11 at 13.20° Scorpio. It is moving slowly and has progressed only to 13.44° Scorpio thus far.
  • Saturn is retrograde at 3° Capricorn. It will retrograde until September 7 at 3° Capricorn.
  • Uranus is direct now at 2° Taurus but retrogrades on September 1 back into Aries for its last time in that sign during its 84 year obit around the sun and through the zodiac. It goes direct on January 7 at 28.35° Aries.
  • Neptune is retrograde at 16° Pisces. It will retrograde until November 25 of this year at 13.42° Pisces.
  • Pluto is retrograde at 19° Capricorn. It will retrograde until October 1 at 18.45° Capricorn when it will station for a week at those minutes.

The full moon is at 4:20 pm ET this afternoon with a lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse is sustained for just under two hours. Times for that are 3:30 pm – 5:13 pm ET. The maximum obscuring will be around the exact time of the full moon. The lunar eclipse will be completely visible over Eastern Africa and Central Asia, and partially seen over Western Africa, Eastern Asia, South America, Europe, and Australia.

Also, Mars is very close to Earth through this week in its 2+ year orbit of the sun and shines brightly in the night sky.

The retrograde planets have the potential to reveal corruption and deceit in those who hold positions of power. This can be so on any scale: national, international or corporate, in legal affairs or banking, as well as in smaller environments such as families, small businesses, town governments, and such. These planets have the capacity to strip the emperors of their clothes and render them naked in their falsity and corrupt practices, contempt for law and truth, and preferences for might and authoritarianism or dictatorial methods. Flagrant disregard for the effects of such ideas, policies, and conceit to those beneath and around them could/should also be revealed and inspire much needed change through a motivated public sector.

The same energetics are working upon each person individually so as to reveal the extent to which one has gotten complacent in the responsibilities of being a human being on Earth or been distracted from willing participation in the interconnected and necessary threads that bind us all in our existence on Earth. These retrogrades should work like inner voices of conscience reminding us of what is right, necessary, not personal, and just needs to be done for the well-being of everyone including ourselves.

These energetics could provide a large scale recitfication in those who choose selfish blindness to the abject hardship that billions of people throughout the world live every day. Have and have not is an unsustainable model, as are pollution, destruction, and violence. Those who engage ethical living, honest and respectful life practices with others are the trend-setters of the future as well as drawing forward the refined wisdom of all traditions of the past.

Children born under these “stars” will be highly intuitive, creative, will be wide-eyed, open-hearted, and will see through the contrivances of distinctions. Due to their innate inclusivity and lack of perceptual boundaries, they will be highly sensitive. But, if nurtured with both independence and embrace, clean food, and sleep when their etheric bodies ebb, then these children will be able to bring forward the new inventions, new ways of communicating, will embrace the emptiness of phenomena, and shepherd humanity into the truths of the new age.

These planets also could tip the scales of academic and short-sighted mind-sets with evidence that circulates the web in videos and photos on a variety of areas. These include:

  • the ancient and amazing vastly long history of humanity
  • the electrical nature of the universe
  • that perception creates reality
  • the relationship of capitalism to degradation to the planet, to degradation, war, destruction, and disease. If profit is gained at the expense of life on Earth, how is that profit? How is it gain?
  • the rampant separatism that infects the human mind
  • the goodness of the human heart, it as the natural state of one’s being, and that hatred is learned. This alone would effect health, society, family dynamics, and interactions of every kind.
  • the relationship of inner contentment, spiritual self-development, and warm-heartedness to the well-being and thriving of one’s self, of others, and society as a whole.

The new and dawning Aquarian Age will not be a repetition of the Piscean simply because it can’t be. The issues before the human race and the Earth must be addressed. Aquarius is the sign of circulatory flow, of the wind, of water, of ideas, of collaboration, and of the freshness that heart in union with mind and mind opened by the heart is capable of. Aquarius abjures the energy of strong-man politics and its  blatant denial of the interdependent and inter-related necessity of all beings to the existence and happiness of any one being.

So, you might be feeling some of this. Transits might be playing with your natal chart, those in your family, or people you know. Zero-gain models are zero gain. The duplicity of the words cry out as manipulative and, yet, such word-plays have become policy in too many cases and all too easily. Let the emperors be disrobed. May falsity, corruption, and selfish practices be recognized for the zero-gain that they are. May  light prevail and may our collective Path be joyously shouldered by everyone.

* Huffington Post article on Intuition.


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