Buddhic harmony: meditation on the buddhic plane

The Practice of Living Awareness

Simple_things_by_valeriemonthuitThe Ageless Wisdom tells us that the collective majestic Soul of humanity is born of the vibration of the buddhic plane and resides primarily there. What is the buddhic plane? And is the answer of value to one’s life or to the world?

The buddhic plane is the key to the purpose of personal and planetary existence. The buddhic plane is a vibrational state or vibrational realm (plane) of pure harmony, therefore of wholeness. It is not a vibrational state of this or that coming into harmony but IS the vibration of dynamic peace and integrity. There is no division or separateness within this vibration. Even the units within it experience only unity. Those units are emanations of the Great Ones as well as the glory of the Soul that is the source of every human being.

Being the plane of harmony, it is also the plane of beauty. And…

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