It’s Been Almost 15 Years!

Diagnosed with MS in November of 2000, I followed the advice of the medical establishment. Though I had not done so through my adult life, I knew that I knew nothing about MS and put my body in their care. Five years later, exacerbations happening every 3-4 months, infusions of steroids as the “remedy,” I found myself disabled, a wheelchair ordered, and my life’s work had ground to a halt. When the neurologist’s advice was a pharmaceutical poison (chemotherapy) that would completely shut down my immune system, I said “no more” to the insanity of that type of care. That was July 2005. This is me seven years later at Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center which I founded and joyfully live and work at.

People used to have to help me dress, cut my food, and cook for me. It used to take half an hour to regain strength from a shower and a cane or walker to leave the bathroom. Now I’m ready to work in the garden or the kitchen here at Spirit Fire Retreat Center after a shower. I teach three online classes right now and have a private study group going on at the same time.

What has brought such healing? First and foremost, leaving the medical model that was horribly poisoning my body. Second, supporting my body with the nutrients that a typical American diet nor our soil provides. Thirdly, significant decrease of sugar in most of its forms, as well as not eating GMO grains or meats fed with GMO grains as much as possible. That means organic, fresh made, local raised, and staying out of the middle aisles of the stores! Lastly, iodine as a supplement made from kelp (sea weed) took away fatigue, brain fog, and pounds of weight. Classic low thyroid had been diagnosed as MS symptoms for the last number of years.  Iodine supports the neurological system and the thyroid which means the adrenals too because they are linked. Please see a previous post in praise of iodine for a list of health benefits and the must of well-sourced iodine for health.

Friends, the American medical system is a privatized business bent on profit. The only way for it to make profit is for you and I to be ill or for us to be frightened that we might be and thus undergo a battery of tests that companies are paid big money to provide. In putting easy effort into the inter-connectedness of my body to the body of the planet, the inter-connectedness of my neurological system and the sources of pounds of poison that could find their way into me, and by instead choosing my well-being I daily experience just that. I hope you will do the same and experience the same results.

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  1. Miriam Becker says:

    So beautiful Donna, such courage to turn away from medical model, courage becomes our wisdom. I send my deepest gratitude for you and your healing!!! I too have stayed away from western…slower healing but no toxicity. celebrate yea!!!

    • Keep up the good work, Miriam. And help Elise do the same. Good things take time, but lots of kale, right understanding of our self, and acknowledging that in this country prevention and well-being resides in our hands and hearts are the cures.

  2. Truly inspirational, Donna!

  3. Carolyn says:

    This is a great post, Donna. I’ve already forwarded it to several people I know who have an MS diagnosis. It’s so important to get the word out about. Thanks for sharing your journey! much love

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