GMOs: Another rabbit hole

A substantial 2-year study was done on GMOs in France. If you had any questions about the health dangers of GMOs, this study makes the obvious pretty plain.

Please be mindful of what you eat and what you feed your children. GMOs are in livestock feed, most cooking oils, breads, baked goods, and sweetners. An average American eating non-organically eats pounds of GMO poison annually.

Organic food is not expense, it is honest. Organic farmers do not receive subsidies like big agribusiness does.  The costs of agribusiness are paid for by our tax dollars and then by our failing health care system. Organic produce and animal meats cost more at the grocery counter because it is not supported by the government thus neither is the future of our children, our water or soil. Please watch this 12 minute video and pass it on to everyone you know. Then please vote in November with your children and their children in mind and honesty in your heart.

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