Lord Buddha Protect Us

I awoke from a dream with the words, “Lord Buddha protect us.” In the last moments of the dream a kind Tibetan pointed me in the direction of a red stone hotel called the Shining House. The mode of transportation available was a bicycle along a narrow winding canyon road, precipitously steep. The bike careened but was controlled. The sense of running out of time was evident. I emerged out of the canyon paved pathway to silence, and said the prayer, “Lord Buddha protect us.” 

This dream is about humanity, and its symbolism is not limited to the name of Lord Buddha. The symbolism is clear.

  • the kind Tibetan represents living a life of equanimity and of a culture of kindness, where each person’s thoughts and actions are done with the well-being of all beings forefront. It is a culture that wishes everyone happiness, knowing that if everyone did the same only happiness, kindness, and genuine care for all life on the planet would result.  
  • the red stone Shining House represents Shamballa, the source of pure spiritual will and purpose on our planet. It is “where” God, Christ, a few Buddhas, and highly realized saints (chohans) live. We are being pointed to the source of the highest spiritual will and to essential spiritual laws. Not only must it be our one direction, but being so directed spiritual suppor would help us through the necessary bumps along the treacherous road of passage from who and what we are to what we can be. 
  • the bicycle represents our duality, our self-perceived two-ness but the bicycle is not two. It is one, one whole, integrated, and totally functional. The bicycle is yoga in its Sanskrit meaning: to yoke, to harness, to act together. As each person awakens to the truths inherent in oneself, then we become one and harness the presence, power, and clarity that is inherent and available. A few of those truths are: the divine nature of all inclusive of ourself, consciousness is more than computing mind, spiritual beingness can include doing, but doing usually is not cultivated as spiritual beingness. Another truth known as wholeness is lived: aggression is a temporary seemingly easy choice whereas understanding and love take effort – at least until we are get used to the habit of love. 
  • the careening speed and treacherous road represents our now. Our collective human Path has become quite narrow. We are out of options. There is only one way out of our current world situation largely predicated on fear, violence, have and have not, disease, and death. And that road is down into our self, into why we have bought into the hype, the fear, the aggression, instead of saying no to that and yes to whole planet well-being and loving kindness. 
  • the speeding bike was controlled and speaks of when we are aligned to spiritual source, holding true to the direction of the “shining home” of the soul and inner divinity then we are able to navigate what arises in life, individually and collectively. And we must because we have narrowed our options. On a personal scale that means always act with kindness, always do the right thing. And since always is a big word, then as often as possible. Repetition is great. We brush our teeth because, through repetition we were taught to do so, and we don’t miss a day. That always is the result of repetition becoming ingrained habit. Let us be inspired by how easy it is to create habits of compassion in thought, word, and deed. 
  • “Lord Buddha protect us.” Of course, these words are a call to our divine nature, our inner beingness. We are the Christ, the Buddha, Shiva, Allah, God-Goddess. We are the powers of the universe and our consciousness-Being knows that. The beauty of these names/words is that they are synonymous terms in value but not quality. Each is describing a quality within consciousness-Being. Each is a facet of the diamond of spiritual-personal wholeness. We can choose to call upon or act from our Buddha-nature in situations where warm wisdom is required and from our Christ-nature when kindness in action is called for. Call upon Shiva within when decisiveness, power of Spirit is necessary, and Allah when beauty is touching one’s heart-mind

As I am typing a red tail hawk flew past my window from West to East into the morning sun. The Teachings are returning. The West must turn to the East for the philosophical truths of collective human well-being. The philosophies of the East are predicated upon One Life, One whole, and the interwoven fabric that IS existence. The philosophies of the West are predicated upon singleness, identifiable parts and the function of the part, empowered or disempowered. As the philosophies of the West have spawned socio, political, and economic systems, they have spread the doctrines of might over unity, aggression over understanding, temporary gain over long term possible forever loss. The Western philosophies and Western born religions disregard the Law of Karma, Causality, Interdependence, and Rebirth. Human beings cannot escape the Laws of Physics and Creation. What goes around does come around; energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Violence in thought, word, and deed is most certainly an energy causing many results that then are new causes that then become new results, and so on. Energy can not be destroyed – all kinds of energy. 

Equally the energies of kindness, goodness, love, wisdom and the thoughts, words, and deeds born from these also go on forever. They are causative in their moment, causative in their ripples. The results are positive, beneficial, and for the good. “Lord Buddha protect us” is a statement to our collective self. Let each person call upon the Buddha, divine nature, within, the source of compassion and wisdom. In this way does each person protect themselves from thinking, saying, or doing harmful things that will not only harm someone in that moment but harm him or herself as that energy keeps generating the same lifetime after lifetime, until s/he realizes the error through wisdom and compassion

Daily Dedication Mantra for World Well-Being

I dedicate my day to the well-being of all beings.
I dedicate myself to Love.
I dedicate my life to the powers of Light and Love 
Because they are the greatest powers. 

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  1. Sara Traub says:

    With gratitude, I embrace this phrase – “Lord Buddha protect us” – I can breathe in the simplicity of these words and allow it to permeate my consciousness so that it becomes reminder to do no harm to me or to anything in my environment.

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