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Electric Universe, evidence that matters

David Talbott continues to refine his work with ancient artifacts and myths from around the world that he says point to a different sky thousands of years ago. His work is compelling and makes logical sense. His work sparked the … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 6

Siddharta had one question on his mind: Why? Why suffering, why sickness, aging, death? Why loss, unhappiness, and why is happiness fleeting? Why? Siddharta would ask others, some sages, some questioners just like him. He would ask himself, a sort … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 5

“Taurus is the symbol of desire in all its phases. … Will, power, desire, aspiration, ambition, motive, purpose, impulse, incentive, plan – all these are words which attempt to express one of the major underlying attributes and fundamental causes of … Continue reading

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Wesak is coming: 1

Wesak is coming. It is celebrated with the Taurus full moon. Because of two forms of astrology, tropical and sidereal, it will be held sacred twice: April 25 (tropical) and May 25 (sidereal). Classically, Wesak celebrates the Buddha, his birth, … Continue reading

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Venus Transit: Sacred Geometry in the Sky

Venus transit to the Sun coming up on June 5, 2012. Informative video of the astronomy, sacred geometry, and much to contemplate personally and globally.

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