Jupiter and Venus

Undoubtedly, you’ve noticed the two planets of light in the western sky in the evening. Jupiter and Venus have been dazzling us for more than a month now. Esoteric astrology holds that these two are planets of the soul, symbolized by their beautiful light. They are the gift givers of astrology, and certainly their nightly duet has been a treasure.

Jupiter and Venus represent that which is best in us, that which shines, gives, renews the best in others, and supports the highest in ourself and humanity. Venus refines, is a planet of beauty, harmony, and the natural instinct for that which is of value. When speaking about this from the soul’s point of view, value is not the bargain basement kind. Instead, it is worthiness, respect, and the value of all of creation. To Venus, nothing is expendable. Venus’ harmony is the deep rooted understanding of the interconnectedness of all beings, creatures, and stones.

Jupiter represents the best in us as well, but with this planet we speak of kindness, generosity, patience, and wide-mindedness. Jupiter brings these out by giving us opportunities to give, be patient and kind, and to think about things in a wide, philosophical way. Jupiter, then, represents a sort of inner orientation toward larger Truths, the good, and the whole. And Venus is similar with an innate homing signal toward the refined, harmonious, and that which is of lasting value. Venus, as Sophia-Wisdom, assists by giving us choices about have, want, and gratification, as well as the sense of security and well-being that goes hand and hand with these. Choosing well is to choose wisely with many more important things than personal gratification in mind.

The planets have an influence on us individually and collectively. Yet to receive the higher vibrations of these planets requires a tuned antennae and openness to that level of gift. Jupiter’s generosity requires that we make room for what might be given to us, which means to give first. To receive Venus’ wisdom we first must stop being unwise.

On a personal level, Jupiter and Venus invite us to the freedom of light, to dare to shine less as self-concerned ego and more as the soul. These planets ask,  “What are the gifts that you as a soul incarnated to bring into this world? Are they flowing, shining, giving light to others?” Their brilliance in the evening sky reminds us to give freely and to make wise choices knowing that they will produce gifts back to oneself and others for karmic time-unknown. Both planets remind us that our inner wisdom is brighter than the bright bulb of the mind and that illumination comes from the soul. Therefore, they say, “Free your mind of old forms of thought that no longer serve. Be wise, be free, be light.” 

For humanity, these planets are beacons in the sky calling us back to the inner compass of kindness, goodness, and common sense. Jupiter is king, and Venus is queen of the local Heavens. These planets are shining to remind us to do the same, to rise out of low forms of thought that bedevil and limit us, to review where we have put our sense of value, and what has been deemed expendable in the name of progress. Both these planets are about whole-ism and the interdependence that IS life. Their light asks us to examine our attachments on a personal, cultural and global scale and put the thoughts and emotions that form those attachments in a context larger than self-serving. Are larger purposes being equally or more importantly being served? Their light says, “Serve the greater light.”

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