Meditation: limitless goodness and possibilities

After meditation, I prepared a garden pumpkin for cooking. Inside it, two seeds had sprouted. Long probing tendrils were making their way through the body of the pumpkin to find the two spots on the shell softening with age. I marveled at the universal principle that, from within, life grows. If left to complete its natural mission, the pumpkin would have produced a new pumpkin vine (in my house!) which would try its best to produce new pumpkins. It was perfect and a perfect mirroring of our meditation.

Effortlessly from within, the qualities of Presence and innate goodness, their beauty, peace, and wisdom arise when given opportunity. From within, we birth ourselves. From within, we produce our interaction with each moment; thereby we are creating the moment and its karmic outflows. Just as with the pumpkin or an animal in the world or a pregnant woman, new life and limitless possibilities are in the womb of readiness knowing how to come forward.

Give birth to your wholeness. Each moment!

and …  coconut milk pumpkin soup today!


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