Meditation: nothing is only fundamental

Via the senses, any instant can elicit the experience of full Presence. How?

The how  is that the senses are expressions of nondual Awareness. The senses are always sensing; they are neutral and do not label, categorize, or determine. The senses simply, perfectly, and without respite sense. They are in ceaseless union with existence. That’s awareness.

Our habits of consciousness are what render some sensations as significant and dismiss, disregard, or deny the majority of other sensations going on at the same time. A human being is not neutral/impartial; and that is a by-product of education through our experiences, what we have heard, learned, been told, been praised for, been punished for, and so forth. Yet, the human senses are neutral. They are non-dual. The senses do not experience sense and object of sense. The senses don’t label or experience “other.” The sense and the experience -to the sense experiencing something- is inseparable, is a unified whole.

Being present, -vibrantly, acutely, impartially, and in awe of the moment and experienced Awareness- is the experience of Presence. Present Moment Awareness.

Nothing is more rich than this very moment. And, it’s free.

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