I love talking to baby plants, love turning them and seeing their growth. I love experimenting with gardening, playing with every aspect of it. And, because my body has MS and is handicapped, it’s plain fun to see what can be accomplished -indoors first, starting seedlings and growing greens through the winter and then outdoors. Amalio is instrumental in that regard.

Amalio is a neighbor who does yard-care for a few people here in this little village. He does all the work that requires a strong, able body. My body used to do that – not any more! Amalio has been gardening and mini-farming his whole life. He knows the weather and soil here and has been helpful, instructive and just fun to work with. (We have the same birthday! 15 years apart) This beautiful garden and its flowing design would not exist without Amalio’s shovel and active participation.

Two starter tomato varieties needed transplanting: orange saladette and black oblong. Both are heirloom varieties as are most that I grow; organic methods, of course. As mentioned in a previous blog post, the seeds of all but one (an early girl variety) are from seeds harvested last season. Seeds from three varieties were brought from Massachusetts when I moved here. They did well and seeds from them have been harvested each season since. Plus, I eat fresh garden tomatoes until Thanksgiving or early December each year! Harvest them green (short growing season here), and they slowly ripen in a cool, dark room.

Last week, 15 varieties of lettuces, Chinese choy, and herbs were set to germinate. I’m now planting the ones that are ready. Some, like parsley, are slow starters.

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