Meditation: precision, evenness

Undulation -gentle, flowing, unbroken and rhythmic- is witnessed throughout the natural world.

  • the flow of water in small systems like rain drops winding their collective way down a windshield or in larger systems like streams, rivers -the circulatory system of Earth- or of any tree, animal, or human being.
  • waves on any body of water, in a bathtub, pool, or dishpan
  • sound waves, light waves, energy waves of all caliber
  • wind and air currents that are more causative of posture and strength of trees and green things than gravity; deep water currents in the oceans; in human beings deep currents of karma that sweep through myriad lives moving us as the ocean currents move nutrients.

In Nature, undulation includes intermittent swells within common evenness. High winds, high seas or tides, Spring melt spate in rivers and streams, tornadoes and such are examples. But, even within these is undulation. This principle feature and mechanism does not dissolve.

For thousands of years human beings have lived within the rhythms of solar and lunar cycles, seasons and changes of weather, birth-living-death-renewal, and food that came from the earth or water with labor and know-how passed on from generation to generation. Undulations again. We knew our personal rhythms, too.

Modern, digitized and electrified life, for the most part, runs contrary to the undulations of life on Earth and to the flows human beings have lived for millions of years. Rediscovering the gentility and intrinsic harmony of flow, evenness, of less being more true is within our current cycle of meditations. Let the senses report. The senses are gateways to Awareness.

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