Meditation: present moment mandala – pause

Apologies to those who use the podcasts or meditation posts. My satellite internet has been dicey due to high winds for a few days.


Unless one is living a truly rugged, earth, sea, or rainforest life, one is pulled in myriad directions rapidly and constantly. The pull can be physical (a task), emotional (a conversation or response to news or a Facebook post), mental (one’s attention has been commoditized), and spiritual (how does one create peace of mind and live empathically amidst it all?). I sometimes wonder if these times in human history are indeed more distracting, divisive of one’s attention and well-being. Personally, I think so due to cyber technology and screens now being the primary mode of all forms of communication, consent, and research. Which is why I often tear up with gratitude to live in quietude off the beaten track.

For me this is perfect. For many people I know, it would not be. I wonder though, is this due to them now being patterned by instantaneousness, distraction, and floating on the surface of one’s life? Does one recognize when and if this is so? What gives you peace?

We are learning to abide in Presence, to experience more of each moment, and to simply Be through these meditations. The same is encouraged through one’s day. I hope you are experiencing benefit. Because if you are, everyone and everything around you is too.

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