Meditation: inseparable

We come back to inseparability. Why? Because it is.

  • All of phenomenal existence is inseparable; and it is so in every way that this can be considered. Wondering about that? Then, do a thought experiment. Can you come up with anything, any person, emotion, thought, belief, political move, business decision, trip to the grocery store, flipping of a light switch or turning on a faucet, any anything that is completely and intrinsically separate, never was connected to anything, person, event, etc., and never will be?
  • Inseparable is an ongoing demonstration of the duality that we live and live in every moment. For example, right now I am typing. That is a singular choice of focus in this moment while myriad choices were available right now. As singular as the choice to type and think about this post seems to be, is it? How many other thoughts are in my mind, how many other biological processes are occurring simultaneous to this seeming singular focus? And, if I lift my eyes from the computer screen, my room becomes the dominant view; lift my eyes slightly more, and outside the window reframes what was  dominant (i.e. the perceived size of my room and it being forefront in my view). In each case, the point of focus or reference is within a context, a greater whole. And conversely, the whole is being experienced concurrent with the seeming unitary focus.
  • Therefore, field (whole or larger frame of reference) and point of focus (task, word, thought, emotion, etc.) are inseparable. They are unified. They are a unit.

Meditation. Ah, meditation. Limitless are the ways to engage it, limitless are the possible insights. Present to any moment, more of the fullness of a moment becomes apparent. Learning to live from this unity, the inseparable nature of existence itself, is liberating. How? It is due to the erroneous primary habit of consciousness that interacts with existence as if any thing is a distinct one thing, unrelated or somehow not intimately woven into the fabric of existence itself -of your existence and the existence of all beings.

Use your duality to awaken to non-duality, my friends.

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