Meditation: yes and

Life is yes and. Love is yes and. Tastes are yes and. Meditation practice is yes and. In other words, all that we experience and all in existence is a non-two: a tantric (woven) and intimately connected, interdependent whole of parts that are wholes with multitudinous parts, on infinitum. For example, I’m typing with one hand because my friend’s cat is lonely and has fallen asleep against my other arm after copious petting. The friend is away. Yes, I’ve become allergic to cats; and he’s lonely. Yes, there is cat fur in the tea, trail mix, and on every inch of my clothes, and he’s lonely and now feels not alone.

In meditation practice, in relationships, in preparing food or eating it, even in setting the water temperature for a shower, there are two primary factors in play: emptiness and phenomena. Emptiness is possibility, phenomena are what we are currently aware of. Emptiness is openness of mind, phenomena is what we hold to as real or true or known in the ways they seem to us. Emptiness is spaciousness, phenomena fill space and time. Emptiness is clear, transparent, translucent; phenomena are opaque. Yet, these two factors are always dancing, always in play.

Almost three months ago, this online meditation practice began an experiential and contemplative exploration of the five senses, the sixth sense of  the mind, and of consciousness. Now we are sitting with no agenda, just sitting: a purposeful yes and.

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